5 Fall Housekeeping Tips

I love fall! The leaves are turning beautiful colors, the weather is getting cooler at night, school is back in session, and the cozy winter months are ahead of me. The weather is perfect for finishing up any warm weather projects and especially to get your fall housekeeping done.

  1. Update your winter footwear: Check out your footwear for fall and winter. Do your boots need to be replaced? Are the laces broken? Are the boots just shot? Replace or repair your worn out winter footwear now and be prepared for the cold, the snow and the ice (it always comes sooner than you’d expect, especially lately). Check out your shovel situation too. Do you need a new one? I broke mine last year and forgot all about it until I checked on my shovel last week. New Shovel went on my shopping list.
  2. Rotate your wardrobe: Pull out your fall and winter clothes and put away summer clothes. It is a great time to go through all of your clothes and try them on. If you usually pack on a few pounds during the winter like me, remember to keep some looser fitting clothing for that as well.
  3. Clean windows to let sunlight in: Wash the windows outside and inside. This kind of housekeeping is the best as it actually saves you money – allowing plenty of sunlight into your home in winter warms it, saving on heating bills. While you’re at it, wipe off your window ledges and vacuum your drapes or blinds. If some of your windows would take an acrobat or a daredevil to clean, consider hiring out to a cleaning company.
  4. Clean your car or truck: If you have a vehicle, it is a great time to clean it out, vacuum it, wash the windows, and put a good coat of wax on it. The full-service car wash can take care of all of that for you. Remember to put your ice scraper in the car now – don’t wait until that first frosty morning.
  5. Carpets: Clean your carpets or rugs early in the fall, as the warm afternoons are great for drying carpeting. If you don’t have the time or energy to do this yourself, hire a professional carpet cleaner early in the fall, as they get busy towards the holidays.
  6. Homeowner Bonus Tips :
    1. Schedule a fall furnace cleaning and have the air filter changed.
    2. Drain and stow garden hoses, tidy up the garage, tidy up the yard. A good rule of thumb is that if you don’t want it to get snowed on, put it in a building or find a cover for it. If something can freeze, bring it inside (paint, plants, fluids, etc.)
    3. Cover your AC Units? Check your owners’ manual on this one – some get covered, some do not.

Don’t forget to get outside and enjoy the last days before the cold creeps in!

Fall Housekeeping Tips

These three things should definitely go on your to do outside list:

● Walk in the fall leaves
● Have your coffee outside on a brisk morning
● Don’t forget to lookup to the beautiful colors on the trees.

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