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About Us

cleaning service nycThe story of Shield Cleaning is one of drive, determination and the desire to succeed. And the American Dream fulfilled.

Lawrence Fanfair immigrated from Guyana to New York City. His first job in the U.S. was driving a taxi, as so many others have done. The good part of driving a cab was it gave him a lot of time to think and to meet many interesting people. The bad part – which he realized very quickly – was that it didn’t pay anywhere near enough to make a living in a city the size of New York.

Lawrence had a desire to succeed and a desire to be an entrepreneur. But what need could he fulfill? What service could he offer?

Everyone needs their home or business cleaned, he decided. And a cleaning business seemed like the perfect opportunity. Shield Cleaning was born.

As you can imagine, starting a business was easier said than done. There was no great plan, Lawrence hadn’t gone to business school, and there were thousands of cleaning businesses in New York. The competition was stifling, and the cleaning jobs were few.

But one by one, job by job, customer by customer, Shield managed to grow. There was a wealthy couple who needed their house cleaned for a party – 1200 square feet, 2 levels. They raved about Shield to their friends. There was that first commercial account at a small Kate Spade store in the Village. Shield kept it meticulously clean. That led to a Juicy Couture store in the Village and then the flagship store in Manhattan. And more apartment dwellers and homeowners who referred their friends. Again and again.

The secret to Shield Cleaning’s success was Lawrence’s focus on his customer’s needs. He believed that exceeding their expectations was the way Shield would grow – to never disappoint. And he still believes that today.

Now we’re proud to say that Shield Cleaning has 750 regular monthly customers and growing. And the secret to Shield’s success hasn’t changed. We are focused on you and clean your home or business to exceed your expectations. That’s a guarantee.

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