Upholstery Cleaning

Your furniture is as important to a room’s appearance as your carpet or flooring. It can even be more susceptible to odor and stains with exposure to sweat, liquids, and pets. Treating small spots on your own can remove visible stains from upholstery, but it may not eliminate the damage beneath the surface. Bacteria can thrive in upholstery, requiring a deep cleaning that will eliminate illness-causing allergens and bacteria, while maintaining its color and texture. So when it comes time to have a professional upholstery cleaning, Shield Cleaning specializes restoring your furniture to help it stay cleaner longer.

Upholstery Cleaning Process

Our two-step deep upholstery cleaning process cleans all fabrics and deodorizes to get rid of tough odors. Once our cleaning technician has inspected the furniture to determine the material and find any problem spots, the first step beings. A special cleaning solution is sprayed into the fabric to loosen dirt and embedded debris. This is followed by a high power extraction and fiber rinse process that removes the dirt and the cleaning solution, leaving you with truly clean upholstery.

We want to removes orders, not mask them with perfumes or chemicals. So our deodorization process will identify and remove odors on upholstery surfaces and below the exterior. Our technicians are experts in finding and eliminating spots and odors so that you can enjoy your furniture longer. Your clean upholstery will be revived, leading to better air quality in your commercial space and an improved appearance. We also offer routine cleanings to maintain your upholstery if it is used frequently and requires more care.

Professional Residential Cleaning You Can Trust

Shield Cleaning’s expert team is ready to employ the industry’s most advanced cleaning products and services to make your business’s upholstery beautiful. We service the New York City area, Long Island, and New Jersey, and have a trained staff that is ready to clean your sofas, chairs, headboards, and more.

Take advantage of our fast, reliable cleaning techniques – Contact Shield Cleaning today for a consultation.

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