Exterior Cleaning

Your home is an important investment, and maintaining it is vital to keeping it look and avoiding unnecessary repairs down the line. Shield Cleaning is your one-stop shop for exterior cleaning, from washing windows and dirty sidewalks to cleaning gutters and drains. Our exterior cleaning services will get the job done quickly and professionally. So put away the rickety ladder and confusing cleaner instructions and let our expert team take on all aspects of the outside of your home.

Our experts handle all types of residential cleaning services. Once we assess your needs and the necessary equipment, our team will be on site to get the job done. Some of the many exterior cleaning services we offer are:

Exterior Building Cleaning / Roof Cleaning / Gutter Cleaning

Our cleaning services will remove dirt and grime from a variety of surfaces like brick, concrete, and vinyl siding. Our power washing equipment cleans surfaces quickly without causing damage. We will clean your building exterior from top to bottom, including clearing gutters and downspouts to prevent clogs.

Window Cleaning

Let the light in with Shield Cleaning’s expert cleaning services. Our equipment removes hard water stains, debris, and mineral deposits that can obscure views and damage windows if not properly cleaned. A professional window cleaning yields visible results without smears and streaks. We also regular cleanings to protect your windows from suffering bigger damage. Windows left to the elements will build up with chemicals and debris from out side, and even the building itself. If left untreated, these can bond with the glass and cause damage that requires more labor and more expense. Treat your windows as an important part of your residence or business, and let Shield Cleaning make sure they stay clean and protected.

Sidewalk Cleaning

Our high-pressure power washing tools and equipment are the perfect solution to dirty sidewalks. These surfaces are high traffic areas, subject to weather, foot traffic, leaking garbage, gum, and other spills. And since sidewalks are usually made of concrete or other porous materials, these contaminants can penetrate the surface and become even harder to remove. Fortunately, our trained staff and washing treatments are equipped to handle nearly any dirty sidewalk. We also perform routine sidewalk cleanings to maintain the curb appeal of your property.

Graffiti Removal

Don’t give vandals the chance to let their work ruin the look of your building. Graffiti stains are tough to remove without the proper tools, but Shield Cleaning will respond to your call quickly and make sure the restoration is complete to your satisfaction. We remove graffiti from all surfaces – we will identify the surface to be cleaned and select the right removal process so that further damage is not made during cleaning. Contact us to schedule an appointment the next time you spot graffiti on your walls, doors, windows, or sidewalks.

Oil and Grease Removal

Oil and grease stains on garage floors, near garbage bins, and on other surfaces are unsightly, odorous, and often dangerous. Avoid health and safety hazards and keep your property looking spotless with Shield Cleaning’s removal services. We offer solutions ranging from spot cleaning small areas to pre-treating and degreasing entire surfaces. And our years of experience allow us to properly handle oil and grease spills, whether they are automotive or food-related. Our team will work with you to create a schedule and budget that fits your needs and gets your space back into shape.

Bird Waste Removal and Sanitizing

Bird droppings aren’t just unappealing, they are a biohazard. Cleaning up dropping improperly can be just as hazardous, since diseases and parasites can result from waste and spread to people. If roosting birds and the resulting droppings are causing damage to your building or property, contact Shield Cleaning to get the professional help you need. We respond quickly to calls and properly clean, disinfect, and deodorize any surface. If you have a bird problem and are installing a bird deterrent, its important to clean the area prior to installation. We offer the right chemicals and knowledge to help save awnings, sidewalks, and everything in between.

Post-Construction Cleanup

Your next construction or renovation doesn’t just end when the work crews are gone. A commercial cleaning service is an important next step once a project is completed to make sure the area is clean and safe. Shield Cleaning can asses your cleanup project to determine a plan of action – this can include removing debris, cleaning vents, dusting, stain removal, window cleaning, and more. We work within the specific needs of your of your schedule and safety requirements, and our teams are fully insured. You can count on our construction cleanup services to satisfy your next project.

Contact us today – call Shield Cleaning to set up an exterior cleaning service for your home, apartment, or condo.

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