Hard Surface Cleaning

Your home is likely made up of many different materials like wood and tile. So how do you properly clean them all? You need a one-stop resource to clean all the hard surfaces in your space using the right processes that each one of them requires. Shield Cleaning takes a scientific approach to residential cleaning – we know there are many hard surfaces that can be cleaned in your home, and we offer the trained personnel and proper equipment to get the job done right. We pride ourselves on innovative cleaning techniques and research the latest products to make sure we offer our clients fast, quality service.

We work diligently towards maintaining your floors to the best possible standards. You can rest assured that your hard surfaces, from flooring to countertops and everything in between – will be properly cleaned and maintained. Our cleaning technicians will come to your home to identify your cleaning needs and help create a unique program that fits your schedule and budget. Our team will pre-treat problem areas using eco-friendly products, and use the latest cleaning and maintenance processes to enhance the look of your hard surfaces. And if your space calls for more intensive restoration, we are happy to offer restorative cleanings to help save damaged floors and surfaces. We have over 15 years of experience performing residential cleaning, so our staff is prepared to handle all your cleaning needs. Some of the hard surfaces we clean and restore include:


Marble offers a timeless look to residential buildings – and it’s also an expensive investment that needs to be properly cared for in order to maintain its luxurious appearance. Our cleaning and maintenance programs were created to work with natural stone like marble, and we use non-abrasive cleaning products that will make your marble shine like new. We prep surfaces, use eco-friendly cleaning agents, and offer polishing and sealing processes to bring out marble’s natural shine and protect against stains.


Just like carpet, stone can “soak in” dirt and show the wear and tear of foot traffic. This material requires a professional cleaning service to remove tough stains and soil build-up. Shield Cleaning offers restorative cleaning to all types of stone, from slate and granite to limestone. Every stone type needs its own combination of cleaners and finishing treatments to avoid streaks or further damage. Don’t use the wrong type of cleaner and accidentally destroy your floors or hard surfaces – contact Shield Cleaning to get the best professional service.


Shield Cleaning works with a variety of residential wood applications, such as natural wood, finished wood, and unfinished wood. Most homes have some style of wood installed, and our wood cleaning process covers all aspects of your flooring or walls, including vacuuming, dusting, detail work, spot removal, and quick drying. Shield Cleaning’s deep cleaning process tackles tough spots with the latest equipment and cleaning solutions. And our finishing services apply a protective coating to the wood to extend the life of your floor. If your floors need a more aggressive restoration process, we can strip and refinish wood surfaces to bring them back to life. Our restorative services help remove pits, scratches, and deep stains caused by extensive use.


Cleaning ceramic tile and grout can be a time-intensive process, and most people only have time to wipe down tile, which leaves the grout susceptible to stains, build-up, and mildew. Shield Cleaners helps solve this problem with cleaning equipment and professionally trained staff that can tackle your ceramic floors. Our cleaners are specially formulated for natural stone that won’t break down or discolor your tile. We pre-treat and remove spots and stains, and use hot water, steam, and other professional cleaning methods to fully clean your home. And if the grout or tile needs to be sealed, our residential cleaning services cover every aspect of the restoration process from start to finish.

Shield Cleaning offers a solution for every surface of your home, apartment, or condo. Contact us today to set up a cleaning appointment.

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